Interpersonal Skills

You will find resources on basics to advanced Interpersonal skills.

Interpersonal skills are basically people skills, soft skills, or emotional intelligence, that are related to the method we communicate and interact with friends, family and colleagues. Interpersonal skills are key employability skills which are essential to grow in corporate world.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Bridges Transition Model

Bridges Transition Model provides a valuable framework for managing transitions and achieving success and well-being in various contexts.

Leavitt’s Diamond Change Model

Leavitt’s Diamond Change Model helps organizations to navigate change more effectively and identify potential areas of resistance beforehand.

Self-Determination Theory (SDT)

Self-Determination Theory focuses on psychological needs that drive human behavior & the different types of motivation that can arise.

TRIZ Method of Problem-Solving

By implementing the TRIZ Method of Problem-Solving, companies can achieve new levels of success and competitiveness in their respective fields

What is Brainstorming?

Learn what is brainstorming, its phases, steps, rules & how it is used to generate large number of creative ideas in a short amount of time.

Mind Mapping Brainstorming Technique

What is Mind Mapping Brainstorming Technique? Mind mapping is a visual brainstorming technique that involves creating a diagram of related ideas. The central idea is

SCAMPER brainstorming technique

By using the SCAMPER brainstorming technique teams can stimulate creative thinking, generate a range of ideas, & encourage innovation.

Round-Robin Brainstorming

Learn how Round-robin brainstorming is a collaborative and cyclic technique for generating innovative ideas within an organization.

Crawford’s Slip Writing Method

Crawford’s Slip Writing Method is a powerful system to gather ideas from large groups while avoiding the chaos of traditional brainstorming.

SWOT Analysis for Brainstorming

Learn how SWOT analysis can prove to be a powerful brainstorming technique that provides a structured framework for any situation or problem.