Personal Development

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Personal development skills refers to personal characteristics, personality traits, social cues, communication abilities, and other personal attributes. These skills can be developed through self-improvement, which focuses on improving your knowledge, abilities and self-awareness in order to achieve your personal goals.

Personal Skills

Personal Development

Setting SMART Goals and Objectives

Learn how by setting SMART goals and objectives, individuals and teams can increase accountability, motivation, and success. Free Template download.

Why do we procrastinate?

Let’s explore Why do we procrastinate, the negative effects of procrastination, tips to stop procrastinating, and FAQs about procrastination.


I believe that by implementing these Self-empowerment strategies & techniques, you will achieve goals, build self-confidence & self-worth.

Adaptability Skills

Adapt or Perish: Understand Why and How Adaptability Skills are Essential to Succeed and Grow in Today’s Workplace.

Career Management Skills

Navigating a Dynamic Job Market: Understand How Career Management Skills Can Help You Take Control of Your Professional Path.


What is Achievement-striving and its importance in workplace? Achievement-striving refers to the tendency to set and work towards goals, often with the intention of achieving

Aggression and Aggressive Behavior

What is Aggression? Aggression is behavior that is intended to harm another person or group of people, either physically or emotionally. Aggression can take many

Change Curve

Here’s why Change Curve is a popular and powerful model used to understand the personal transition and organizational change stages

Lewin’s Change Management Model

Lewin’s Change Management Model clearly depicts that the motivation to change must be generated before any change can occur in any organiztion

Change Management

Do you know that success of change management depends on four fundamental tenets. Here we have elaborated each of them for easy learning.