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Our Story

An amazing journey...


“The only company to assess, counsel, suggest and plan best-fit courses and careers. We go beyond just suggesting, we coach students on academic front to make them achieve the best results to excel in life and career.”

Sachin Iyer, Co-Founder


Sachin IyerWhen EQ4C founder, Sachin Iyer, started the groundwork in 2011, he was shocked to learn that in schools & colleges across the country–finding a career counselor was still extremely difficult. We at our educational institutes teach everything related to academics but, we often fail to convert this knowledge to secure a good well-paying and satisfactory job. It is imperative to understand the knowledge and abilities and overcome the shortfalls to achieve best in professional life.

So IYER teamed up with best brains in the industry to find the solution to assemble these at one place and after two years of gruesome research and after talking hundreds of parents, students, teachers and educational institutions the concept of EQ4C was born in 2013.

EQ4C started out with small steps powering a big dream, a dream of being the best in the business of Course/Career Assessment Counselling, e-Courses & Training. Each passing day has been splendid, each of it for a very different reason. Some by sheer spectacular outcomes, which they never thought of, that beat their grandest expectations to pulp. And others, where their hopes for great results was bettered by experiences that they would label ‘humbling’!

IYER with EQ4C started his entrepreneurial journey from Nagpur where in last five years EQ4C has achieved a name to reckon with. Soon they realized that problems were similar across the country; Course/Career Assessment Counselling & Training practices were often poorly operated and this negatively affected client care and customer service. The entire sector is highly unorganized and person centric rather than organization driven.

Established in 2013, EQ4C was launched to create a completely new philosophy Course/Career Assessment Counselling & Training field, with the goal to deliver excellent personalized care and premium customer service to individual students, schools & colleges and corporate organizations. Today, EQ4C is expanding from its first location in Nagpur to many locations across India.

Unique Product Mix

India holds an important place in the global education industry. The country has more than 1.5 million schools with over 260 million students enrolledand about 751 universities and 35,539 colleges. India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. However, there is very little or negligible support in selecting right course and career and empowerment training to overcome the competition.

EQ4C iPAS precisely help parents & students in selecting the right stream/course after a detail assessment followed by expert one-on-one counselling. This entire process of assessment & counselling can be done online, team EQ4C has integrated modern technology to deliver one the most complex decisions of life at click of the mouse.

EQ4C e-Courses

We all have seen traditional classroom learning & distance learning but now majority of Private sector or Government initiatives are driven to boost e-learning & m-learning (internet & mobile). The shift is so big that there are huge investments been made to deliver content online. When it comes to blending knowledge, skills and technology, EQ4C is at the forefront to deliver best e-Courses for various stakeholders be it students, corporate executives, teachers or other professionals.

These e-Courses are unique niche EQ4C certificate courses gain knowledge & skill which are required to sustain and grow in today’s competitive global environment. EQ4C e-Courses are delivered online and typically self-paced so that people can do it in their spare time. The delivery of the content is a mix of text, PowerPoint video presentations and instructor videos. There will be periodical online assessment in the form tests, assignments and projects. Finally a certificate will awarded to the successful students.

EQ4C Training Programs

EQ4C is been conducting training programs for students teachers and corporate organizations with various pre-designed and client custom training modules. Our programs have gained popularity because of the strong connect which our speaker establish with audience and activity based delivery. You can leverage the brand and impeccable program qualities of EQ4C programs in promoting these programs to student groups, educational institutes, tuition & coaching classes, Corporate & SME for their employee training. Apart from training we are pioneer in Teacher Performance Assessment to explore the performance of the teachers and suggest educational institutions of upgrades through our training programs.

Meet Our Team

EQ4C comprises of a vibrant team of experts from various industry verticals with rich experience, who understands the current scenario in skills and employability. They have capabilities and competencies to assess, mentor and nurture the available talent for transforming it to achieve excellence.


Sachin Iyer

Entrepreneur & Skills Evangelist
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