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EQ4C stands for Employability Quotient for Career

The mere existence of EQ4C for a decade is to the fact that Soft Skills or Life Skills are as important as Hard Skills.

We have conducted numerous training programs for students and corporate on a wide array of life & soft skills.

EQ4C website is our endeavor to extend the knowledge of Life & Soft Skills to larger audiences across the globe.

You have arrived at the right page if you’re already working or seeking a job, a student, teacher, or parent, or simply interested in improving your life and soft skills.

You’ll get plenty of information, tools, techniques, and tips about vital soft skills on our website. We hope this information and the resources listed here will help you improve your professional and personal lives.

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Skills We Need

Hard skills are popularly known as technical skills, which we usually learn in schools and universities. They are related to a specific trade or specialization. There is a broad range of hard skills, considering every branch of engineering or every specialization in university.

Soft skills are closely linked with one’s personality and include Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, and many other subsets of skills.

Let’s deep dive in Soft Skills

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Agile Working: Navigating the Modern Workplace

Agile Working: Navigating the Modern Workplace

Agile Working is a powerful and multifaceted strategy that has evolved to meet the demands of the modern workplace. It not only enhances adaptability, collaboration, and customer-centricity but also empowers employees to work in ways that benefit both them and the organization.

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Unlocking Innovation and Inclusivity: The Power of Reverse Mentoring in the Modern Workplace

Reverse Mentoring in the Modern Workplace

Reverse mentoring is transforming workplaces by bridging generational gaps, promoting diversity, and fostering continuous learning. It’s not just a trend but a vital tool for building inclusive, innovative, and competitive organizations. Embrace it to shape a brighter future of work.

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Personal Values Unveiled: Your Path to a More Authentic Life

Personal Values

Personal values play a crucial role in shaping our choices. Discover their significance, explore the benefits of living by your values, and start your own journey towards a more authentic and meaningful life.

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